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We have knowledge and experience in servicing the propulsion machinery of the following makers:
  • Kamewa
  • Ulstein
  • Lips
  • Liaaen
  • Kawasaki
  • Schottel
  • Scana
  • Brunvoll
  • Renk
  • ABB Zamech

Bota Technik Sp. z o.o. is authorized Service and Sales agents for:

Jastram GmbH & Co. KG; Germany

KEMEL COMPANY a division of Eagle Industry Co. Ltd; Japan

I Repairs, overhauls and supervising

  1. Propulsion systems
    • fixed pitch propellers
    • controllable pitch propellers
    • shaft lines
    • shaft bearings, couplings
    • sealings
  2. Thrusters
    • fixed pitch thrusters
    • transverse thrusters
    • azimuth thrusters
    • retractable, swinging etc
  3. Rudders, active rudders
  4. Steering gears
  5. Reduction gears
  6. Stabilizers
  7. Hydraulic systems
  8. Remote control systems for main and auxiliary propulsion systems
  9. Retrofits, upgrades, modernizations, repowerings

II Diagnostics

  • Non destructive tests, methods   PT, MT, UT, UTT, RTG
  • Vibro test by trend method

III Other services

  1. Laser machinery alignment
  2. Laser holes alignment
  3. Pneumatic chain hoist up to 25 tons; hire and service
  4. High tourqe hydraulic and electric wrenches up to 16 000 Nm

IV Reconditioning

  1. Propeller blades repairs (welding cracks, breaks, cold and hot straightening)
  2. Bearing refilling with white metal
  3. Reconditioning of other parts

V Spare Parts

  1. New spare parts with all necessary material certificates (produced according to documentation or delivered/existing elements)
  2. Seals all types, non standard

VI Commissioning